USA Twerking

Get ready to win the contest!

Twerking Competition

Hello ladies and welcome to the first official Miss Twerk USA ®™ Contest. Twerking has gone mainstream. So we thought its only right we hold a contest for the best twerkers across the USA to compete and crown a USA Twerking Champion.

We are looking forward to crown the Queen of twerk dance in the United States of America. The anticipated date of the contest will be July 2021.

Our Mission

The Miss Twerk USA ®™ Contest was designed to move twerking out of the shadows of the negativity associated with twerking. By the time this contest is over we want twerking to be seen as a dance form worthy of the same level of respect as belly dance, pole dance, burlesque and all other dances that were once seen as negative.


To enter Miss Twerk USA ®™ Contest, the entry fee is $1000.00. The only people who will see the first round, second round, and Quarter finals will be the judges. So if you’re shy, have no fear. The competition will be filmed though, we would like to make some type of show or movie from the competition. From the beginning to the crowning of Miss Twerk USA

All fees are non-refundable, if for some reason you don’t make the contest. You can be moved to the 2nd annual contest, with supporting documentation

Quarter finals: The contestants will compete against their own region and will need to win three rounds in order to move to the semifinals. There will be five Quarter final winners from each region. Each winner from the Quarter finals will receive $10,000

Semi Finals: The winners of the quarter finals will battle the winners in their region. At this time it will only be five contestants per region battling each other. The winner of the semifinals will receive $25,000 and proceed to the finals

Finals: This round will consist of the 5 final winners from their prospective region. This will be the ultimate competition. The winner will be crowned Miss twerk USA and win a grand prize starting at $100,000 and could climb as high as a 1,000,000 depending on contestant participation