Twerking Contest Details

  • The anticipated date of the contest will be July 2021.
  • To enter the contest there is an entry fee of $1000.00. (contestant sponsorship is welcomed.)
  • There is a $50.00 payment for each person that signs up as potential contestant.
  • All fees are non-refundable.
  • The contestants will represent the following regions: Northeast, Southeast, Midwest, Southwest and the West Coast. There will be three main rounds of the contest. Quarter finals Semi-finals and Finals with a total of 5 judges choosing the winner of each round of the contest. Each round will consist of a 2 minute dance routine to the music of the contestants choice.
  • Feet must remain on the floor at all times. No acrobats or flips allowed.

The first phase of the competition will be first and second round picks. Contestants will then move on to the Quarter finals.

  • The contestants will compete in their own region and will need to win three rounds in order to move on to the quarter finals to compete against ten other contestants per region for a total of 50 contestants. The winner of the Quarter Finals will receive a grand prize of $10,000.00.
  • The contestant who make it will compete against a total of 25 contestants from their region. She will need to win three rounds in order to win this round. The winner of the Semi-finals will receive a grand prize of $25,000.00.
  • This round will consist of the final 5 winners from their prospective region. This will be the ultimate competition. The winner of the round will be crowned Miss Twerk USA ®™ and win a total $100,000.00!