Affiliate Program


Twerk Dancing Contestant

Miss Twerk USA ®™ Contest

Affiliate Program

  • The affiliate program is the only way this contest will be marketed. This contest is looking for social media influencers to make this a successful competition. We are having a contest within a contest, every person that an influencer can get to sign up for the competition will receive $50.00. At the end of the contest the social media that had the most contestants signed up will win double their money. Example: sign up 5000 = $250,000, No one did more than you that’s another $250,000 total $500,000. Not bad for doing what you enjoy, I encourage all influencers to join. You can be a social media influencer if you have 100 followers or 100 million followers. All are welcomed. If you don’t have the money to enter the contest, but sign up 20 people there’s your entry fee.
  • The contestant who wins Miss Twerk USA ®™ will go on to become the brand ambassador for one year as well.
  • Miss Twerk USA ®™ may also have the ability to self promote by way of teaching twerk, classes, interview with various media outlets concert performances, videos, and other media outlets as well as increase her social media presence which may ultimately lead to more opportunities outside of the twerk genre.

You may or may not have attended any of the prestigious preforming arts schools throughout the country but make no mistake, twerking is an art form that requires practice. patience and dedication to the craft. This may be a dream come true for you. Whether you use it for exposure to further an existing career in the dance industry or to start or change careers or financial assistant to improve your life, this could very well be the big break you’ve been looking for. Good luck to one and all!