Judges: The judges will be under the tutelage of David Sincere. This is the most important part of the contest. David Sincere is a Celebrity Choreographer/Rapper/High Fashion Model and more. He will be instructing and working with the judges for many weeks before the contest. The judges will be looking to see who can make their twerking movements the sexiest of them all. We have already done extensive research and there is a lot of talent out here in the USA. Our judges are going to be very professional during this contest. We realize there is a lot at stake for everyone that enters. We understand that people will come with their hopes, dreams and aspirations, and we will make sure you are giving the full opportunity to display your talent. The judges we have will judge up until the Quarter Finals. The Semi Finals and Finals will be judged by celebrities. In order for a celebrity to judge this contest, they have to agree to put the winner into one of their videos, and possibly let them do some shows with them. Some of the celebrities we have in mind if the contestant participation is good enough could be: Chris Brown, Cardi B, French Montana, City Girls, Rhianna. This contest is fully funded off the budget of the contestants.